Apparel to Protect Your Children from the Sun

Apparel to Protect Your Children from the Sun

Kids are busy in the summer. Playing, jumping in the water, splashing in the sprinklers. They’re out exploring, adventuring, and basking in the sun. Even with constant reminders and the best intentions, frequent reapplication of sunscreen isn’t enough to keep up with their busy summer schedules.

According to, research shows that just five serious sunburns can greatly increase a child’s risk of developing skin cancer later on in life. With that information, sun protection begins to be a much bigger deal! Yes, sunburns really hurt, but the risk of cancer and melanomas is one of the biggest reasons why you should have a plan for keeping them safe in the sun during their two month break from school.

While wearing sunscreen is the first step in sun safety, a protective layer of clothing can also be helpful. Long sleeved onesies, hats that protect the face from the sun’s rays, and sunglasses create a full layer between the skin and the sun. This along with avoiding direct sunlight during peak hours results in a much safer outdoor experience.

It can be a struggle convincing your kids to check-in and re-apply their sunscreen, especially when they’re sweating and splashing. Covering their skin with a protective layer of cool, comfortable clothing can help to prevent nasty sunburns and skin damage.

We carry a variety of products that will keep your kids safe in the sun. Visit us in store at 16 Mechanic St in beautiful Paris, Ontario. 

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